Self Defense Stun Gun With Bright Torch & Laser for Women Safety and Security Gards


  • ₹ 999
  • Save ₹ 500

Now your flashlight can also act as your personal bodyguard! It has a fashionable design and is also rechargeable.

Petty crimes don’t happen during the holiday seasons anymore. Everyday danger lurks in every corner. While authorities are doing everything they can to mitigate such felonies, having an additional layer of protection against it can go a long way as well.

The 288 Multifunction Flashlight with Stun Gun Taser and Laser (Black) is a handy lighting device that doubles as a self-defense tool. Whether you’re trying to avoid a tight situation outside, or just in need of a light to search for something, the 288 Multifunction Flashlight is certified heavy duty. The flashlight is turned on at the slide switch of the unit. Make sure to charge it before you leave the house for longer protection.

In any case you deem it necessary to use the 288 Stun Gun Taser, just press the button on the other end of the unit and slide the light switch to the topmost position. The Stun Gun Taser packs 1 million volts of power — powerful enough to shock your attacker but still safe that it only immobilizes him. When you activate the stun gun, it gives of a loud sound and attention-grabbing spark, so it can also help alert people and authorities around you.

There are a lot of other ways you can guarantee your safety outside the comforts of your home. Whether it’s playing a rough sport or going on an adventure-filled trip, Lazada offers you all the safety gear and gadget you can ever need.


  • Energy-intensive, very compact and reliable anesthesia with safety as a normal stun gun flashlight. In Teaser a very energy-intensive battery.
  • Protects you against thieves, rapists, wild animals, etc …
  • It is particularly suitable for women, taxi drivers, for security guard services, suppliers, and service providers, dispensers, for employees of restaurants, bars, casinos, security, zoo keepers, and security on vacation.
  • Effective even through a layer of clothing.
    No psychological or physical damage to the attacker.
  • Discharge – 50000 W.
  • The thickness of the breakdown of clothing – 4.5 (mm).
  • Charging time: 3-5 hours.
  • Number of charges the battery (life): at least 500.
  • Has a fuse and a fairly powerful LED flashlight of light output.

Dimensions: 185x45x28 (mm)
Weight with packaging: 220 (g)



•Big Capability AC discharge circuit, high Voltage, good personal protection equipment.

•Super LED flashlight save energy more durable.


•Beacon mode

•Beautifully designed.

•Additional mode switch.




•Million Voltage

•Rotary focusing

•Built-in charger

•Aircraft-grade aluminum, HA III anodic oxidation.

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