High Quality Universal Waterproof Pouch for All Smart Phones


  • ₹ 249
  • Save ₹ 750

Product Features:
1. High quality PVC zipper lock, 100% sealed, offer the best in protection.
2. You can answer the phonecall, send message, take photos, listen to music in the water.
3. Good use for sailing, diving, drifting, kayaking, rafting, fishing, swimming, camping, etc.
4. Float in the water after closing the PVC zipper lock.

This Case Is Unique Case and Not Like Ordinary Case. This Case Gives Full Protection Of Your Mobile From Water, Sand, Dust, Dirt & Snow. Now The Best Part Is That After Putting Your Mobile Inside The Waterproof Case You Can Use Most Of Mobile Feature Like Calling, Camera, Browsing, Watch Movies Etc. Have You Ever Imagined That You Can Talk While It’s Raining on Phone? Now it’s A Reality as This Case Is Specially Made in Such a Way That You Can Seamlessly Talk While Raining Too. The Waterproof Bag Is Having 3 Seals And An Additional Sealable Velcro Which Makes It Total Water Resistant And Comes With Additional Strap Which Can Be Wearied In Neck. Bag Is Easily Foldable And Can Be Kept Easily Along With You And Can Be Used During Emergency. Best For Swimming Pool Users and Useful For Under Water Photography Too.


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